Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Great Escape

It occurred to me that it could be interesting to have a 3D game based entirely on movement, as Frogger and Joust (if i remember it correctly) were in 2D environments. Any number of movement variations and skill upgrades are possible now...creeping, sprinting, jumping, climbing, swimming, flying, rebounding, shoving, diving, strafing, etc. A game based entirely on escaping, and perhaps strategic leading (leading enemies into traps) and movement puzzles, could be a lot of fun. You could even add a multiplayer element in which some players attempt to escape while the others take the role of the hunters.

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  1. You should flesh this out some more and spend more time thinking down this line - there might be some interesting gameplay.

    Of course the bemani games (DDR, keyboard dance games) have human movement mixed with timing - so they are the closet analogue to what you are describing.

    There is more going on in frogger and joust than just movement - the skill is in the prediction of the movement of hazards and allowing for your own movement. Increased attention and skill allows bigger challenges. Joust had a tricky flapping mechanic that was unique at the time because the button motion was a form of indirect control for the bird - in most other games the movement of your avatar was directly related to how you moved your joystick. The flapping and gliding - with a better sense of mass for the bird (remember how they would skid to a stop) was part of the fun.


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