Sunday, September 09, 2007

MMO (the movie)

Yesterday, I offered to begin writing a script for a game-based film. So far, the IPs that show the most promise are Zelda and GTA. I'm still interested in ideas.

But I've already begun brainstorming for a movie about MMOs in general. For one reason, I wouldn't have to get a game publisher's approval before passing the script on to a film studio (though I don't have access to one, so that may not happen anyway).

More importantly, I realized that the setting opens up some unique narrative opportunities. For example, how will the protagonists distinguish themselves in world full of "heroes"? What's a believeable reason such adventurers would move on to greater foes before they've really helped save the villagers (NPCs) from lesser but serious threats?

In short, imagine an MMO-based film that doesn't adapt the setting to fit classic story formulas. Imagine being able to recognize things like camping, kill-stealing, mismatched gear, guilds of disparate mercenaries, etc. I won't abandon all of those old formulas unless I can come up with something that works as well, but I think I can do that.

Inspiration Requested
So here's where you come in. Regardless of how I might work them into the story:
  • What are some essential characteristics of classic MMOs? (camping, levelling, raids, etc.)
  • What was one (or more) of your most memorable MMO experiences? Details appreciated.

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  1. Aaron - could you shoot the movie in style akin to LOST? Have a few different groups/guilds/people that are all in the story, but from different perspectives. And eventually those perspectives merge together.

    So from one group's perspective, they are getting a kill stolen from them, or see another group camping. From the other group's perspective, things seem totally different.

    And then there's the solo player who notices a lot of what is going on, and then there is the guild leader with his uber guild of 60 people, etc.

    Maybe all the stories converge at the "Mt. Doom" kind of scenario where they have to confront (together) some greater threat or obstacle.

    So there you have it - an off the top of the head idea written in less then 2 minutes. Do with it what you will! :)


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