Tuesday, December 09, 2008

best of 2008?

I'm reminded how utterly meaningless Readers' Choice awards like this are.

First, every participant votes on every category... as if the average gamer plays sports, fighting games, RPGs, RTS and FPS games all at once. Even if many gamers were so eclectic, who has the money? Who has the time?

And even within a single category, how many voters have played every game? IGN's "Best Platform Game" includes just three games: Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Mirror's Edge, and Prince of Persia. How many people do you think have played all three? And who in his right mind would consider those similar enough to be in the same category?!

"Best of..." awards like this are almost always popularity contests. And this one doesn't even hint at a game's popularity, because every single game's votes will be skewed by people voting for games they never played, voting in categories they're completely unfamiliar with.

And how did Left 4 Dead get left out of the "Best Use of Sound" category? I haven't played a game in years in which sound is so vital.


  1. Perhaps they just like holding "title recognition" contests.

  2. One game I missed that seems to be getting the nod, well in Figit's top 10 games of the year at least, is Far Cry 2.

    Did this one pass you by as well, Aaron?


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