Monday, July 06, 2009

Brütal awesomeness

Fanaticism is alright where heavy metal is concerned.

I used to sleep to music like that (my brother would say he couldn't sleep without the radio on). Pantera, Judas Priest, you name it. My entire life has had a metal soundtrack. "Children of the Grave" is just one great tune Tim Schafer has seemingly divined from my past. And, I swear, listening to Jack Black in this game is like a typical conversation with my cousin Danny. It's like this game was made just for me.

Maybe that's why I'm the only one who uses the umlaut. In any case, I think this 16-minute preview speaks for itself. Say it with me...

Brütal Legend!

In the words of my cousin:
Then the Lord said, "Let there be rock." And Aaron said, "No, let there be metal, and let it be heavy."

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