Friday, October 23, 2009

underwater RPG

Our oceans are so vast, so beautiful and full of wonders. Yet so little of that has been made into gameplay which reflects that beauty and wonder. I long for an underwater RPG.

Not an RPG with human beings and our limited technologies, with glass panels and wetsuits between us and the water. I mean an RPG that lets players experience some of what it would be like to be a true ocean-dweller.

Not just swimming through a lagoon or tracing a single reef. I'm talking about a game with many areas, many encounters... lots to see and do. Think of games like Oblivion or Fallout 3... immense worlds with months of content to explore and interact with.

So much untapped potential.


  1. Like an Echo (Sega's dolphin game) RPG?

    I can just see the "but what's the end-game?" questions...

    Ooooh how about a raid on Atlantis to kill King Triton and make off with Ariel? hehehe

    There's an XBLA game that's... well, it's not much of a "game" per se, but more of an on-rails photo shoot. But it's kinda neat in a strange sort of way.

    I always wished, say in an MMO, there was content to be a merfolk and have a complete underwater continent and adventures (perhaps let the landwalkers come in too) and also allow like player character fairies or pixies (as in you're an inch tall or whatever, not near full-size things they have in EQ2) where again there's a full game just for the pixie folk players.

  2. I think about this every time I watch an episode of Planet Earth. But not just underwater. There are so many biomes that have never been explored in games, much less from an animal's point of view. What's it like to be a true ocean-dweller - or jungle-dweller, or mountain-dweller, or desert-dweller?


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