Wednesday, November 18, 2009

moving with NPCs

"Follow me!" the NPC says. So I do.

Well, I try to.

When I walk, the NPC is moving faster than me. I fall behind. When I run, the NPC is moving slower, and annoyingly alternates between walking and running because he or she is incapable of matching my pace precisely.

Why is this a problem? Why does it show up in every single game that has me follow an NPC or has an NPC follow me?


  1. it works right in descent freespace and wing commander... but for some reason theres only a "run" and "walk" speed in MMO's, even though in real life there's all kinds of in-betweens. I think its jsut this way because nobody ever really made and issue of it.

  2. I think part of it is that it'd be pretty jarring if the NPC on the ground immediately match your every change in speed. Whereas with a spaceship, it's easier to explain this behavior away with the setting.


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