Tuesday, October 05, 2010

FPS by degrees

I won't name names, but I've recently played a few shooters with some friends and in every game outperformed them by leaps and bounds. In fact, in Modern Warfare 2, my friends simply couldn't perform well enough to enjoy the game. While I was sniping this player and stabbing that one, my friends were dying and dying some more. At the end of a five-minute match, they had racked up only a few kills each, whereas I had twenty or thirty.

My point is not that I'm that good. At times, other players mop the floor with me, and I'm not playing in the elite matches.

No, my point is that a wide variety of gamers enjoy shooters, but their shorter histories with shooters, lesser skill and different playstyles are rarely acknowledged in gameplay design.

I'm not asking for flag football here. But how about some more games that don't pretend everyone wants to be a pro? Some people just want to blow stuff up and shoot each other in the face.


  1. 'tis what puts me off from competitive multiplayer. I'd much rather a well designed co-op multiplayer separate from the main game than yet more 'death match'.

  2. I've read that the bot mode in Black Ops, called Combat Training, can be played with friends and the AI difficulty is adjustable. We'll see how that goes over the folks who can't enjoy MW2.

    Plus, a bot mode means I can play more relaxed when I want to. Sometimes, you don't want competition. Sometimes, you just want to practice your headshots.

    And that means the non-professionals can know what it's like to use the biggest killstreak rewards. I got to use an AC-130 via a Care Package (3-kill streak reward) the other day -- so much fun!


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