Monday, May 30, 2011

Coaches vs CEOs

Why do we expect coaches to acknowledge and respect the strengths of their competitors, but we don't expect the same of corporate CEOs?

Here is Alabama football coach Nick Saban after defeating LSU. Notice how he praises his own team while simultaneously complimenting the opposing team.

Would anyone expect Steve Jobs or Bill Gates to praise each other's companies in a similar manner? Why not?

Rather than ignore and belittle the innovations and quality of their competitors' services, corporate leaders should acknowledge excellence in other companies while aspiring to be the best.

E3 is almost here. In the past, console representatives and game publishers have occasionally mocked their competitors. Let's hope they are not so petty this year.

I hope to see quality products from all companies at E3. Competition is good for the entire industry.


  1. Because sports rely on opponents to exist then you'll see this type of comment being made by coaches. The videogame industry is swamped with egos all expecting that without them the industry would fail. For them there is no time for complementing their competitors. This doesn't aid the industry or it's perception as a serious medium for entertainment.

  2. Also, let us not forget that a good many big name colleges pay other teams to play them throughout the season by giving them cash from their TV money, so why not put in a good word.

    I do agree, even in pro ball, the winning team does give kudos to the losing team. However, since a good many of those in the gaming industry praise others by stealing their ideas and incorporating them into their games, i.e Blizzard, wouldn't that be consider some kind of flatter as well? We think your cleaver design of FPS MP by adding a leveling and unlocking mechanism of guns and addons to be excellent, but instead of actually saying so, we will add it to your next upcoming title.


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