Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cereal Games

So I open a box of Cocoa Crispies this morning and what do I find? a video game.

That's right, it's a little microphone-shaped console with an Xbox label, an on-off switch and a four-point control pad. The game is basically the old game of Simon. There are two dancer figures on the small screen, one being my avatar. The game is about watching the other dancer's movements, the lifting of a leg or arm, and imitating that with my dancer (the control pad's like the original Nintendo's turned diagonally).

The world is certainly turning. Between this and the Burger King showing up on my Xbox 360 arcade, I really can't imagine where video games will be in 10 years.

I should add that this is very smart of Microsoft. They're getting kids too young for the big console into games and familiar with the Xbox brand.

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  1. I got a copy of Age of Empires (1) in a box of cereal a few years ago.

    Bought another box, so I could play multiplayer with a friend :)


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