Thursday, January 04, 2007

5 things

So, apparently I've been tagged...and by two people, one of which I wasn't even aware knew of my site (Sara). So for the 5 or so people who glance at my site from time to time (enough that I'm feeling guilty for neglecting it so much over the holidays), here's 5 odd things about me.

1. The left side of my body is colder than my right. I have mild scoleosis between my shoulderblades. My spine bends and twists, and the particular vertebrae affected influence blood circulation, among other things. So my naturally cold blood (thanks Mom) is even colder on my left side, resulting in the odd situation of my left hand being cold as ice while my right hand is just fine sometimes.

Over the years, I've come to think of this as somewhat representative of my whole person, in that I'm really a mix of many extremes. For just a couple examples, I enjoy Tori Amos as much as Pantera, reading Catholic apologetics as much as watching Bama football and violent, evil horror flicks. I can listen to a symphony and play the melody back to you after a little fiddling on my guitar, but I couldn't tell you what I was doing 5 minutes ago. Sometimes, I'm kind of like everyone in one, I think.

2. I love puns. That makes me evil, I know, but I can't help it. I'm not saying I make puns a lot...I'm just saying I can appreciate them. Blame it on my dad, who got me into watching Marx Brothers movies when I was young:

secretary: "Do you want that sentence in brackets?"
Groucho: "It will never make it there in brackets. Send it in a box."

3. I prefer just being around interesting people and talking (not chatting...not small-talk....i mean talking) to anything else. There's no game, no movie, or sport, or anything I wouldn't stop immediately to simply enjoy another person's company. I can get along with just about anybody. That doesn't mean I'm social. To the contrary, I'm usually alone outside of school or work and I always feel "outside" wherever I am (even my own family, to a degree). But I still love people (even when I hate them).

4. I'm strong-willed and often bull-headed, but I'm still probably the most easy-going person you'd ever meet. Even as I take things very seriously, I'm very relaxed about it. I'll joke as I argue with people. I'll eat pretty much anything put in front of me (even after it's been dropped on the floor), watch whatever show you want to watch, play whatever game you want to play, etc. Perhaps it's from being a middle-child in a family of five kids. It's not that I lack assertiveness or strong opinions or such...just that I'm able to enjoy or deal with whatever comes my way. I could win the lotto and I could learn that I'm dying of cancer both with a quiet smile.

5. My degree and profession choices are almost whimsical. I'm interested in pretty much everything, so being asked to choose one field to focus on is like being told I can only watch one genre of movies. At different times in my life, I've considered pursuing: game design, anthropology, archaeology, zoology, astrophysics, marine biology, meteorology, novel writing, poetry writing, screenwriting, editorialist, rockstardom, songwriting, symphonic composition, paleontology, geology, photography, sketching, computer graphics, AI programming, robotics, woodworking...and the list goes on. I have an insatiable curiosity, and I prefer to view things as a whole, rather than by separate categories.

Anyway, the business world isn't very kind to generalists like me. So, for now, my focus is writing, songwriting and game design. (I thought up a fun design idea the other day, by the way, so maybe I'll have enough on it to post soon)

P.S. (6) I'm long-winded. But I guess you've noticed that. =P

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