Monday, July 02, 2007


Damianov raised an interesting idea in a comment to my last article:

"Taking advantage of vengeance: how about a death penalty which can be largely recaptured/recovered by achieving revenge?"

You fight an orc. The orc kills you. There's no corpse for you to leave behind (no corpse-runs), but the orc takes some symbol of you or your faction/guild and displays it proudly. Everybody knows... he beat you.

Public humiliation.

Perhaps the orc stole the faction badge that once decorated your shoulder or hung over your breastplate. Now it decorates his armor; a joke at your expense.

Or perhaps he hangs it on a spear, like a banner. You might be able to steal it while he's not looking, but the action takes time.

Perhaps his trophy is kept in a nearby bag or chest. Any other player who digs through that chest will see your emblem, along with every other victim's. The emblem will remain there, a sign of your defeat, until you recover it or weeks pass and the orc throws it away.

Take it back. End your public humiliation, and avenge your death! =)

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