Thursday, November 15, 2007

MMOs and Happy Hour

Every once in a while, someone comes up with something that's a lot of fun to think about. By now, you've probably heard the analogy that MMOs are like themeparks. Well, what if an MMO was more like a bar or pub?

That's the first thing that camed to mind when I read Raph's article. Sometimes, people choose which bar they'll go to according to who's cutting the price of their drinks on that particular night. Cinco de Mayo? Pappasito's is having a special on margaritas. St. Patty's Day? Molly's pub is selling Guiness cheap. Similarly, a "free to play, pay to gain" MMO could host weekly or monthly specials on their RMT items.

Bars usually have such specials to coax more folks in on nights which would otherwise be slow, like weeknights. An MMO could similarly host special events to ensure server populations remain within a fun range (i.e., players can find groups).

What are some other features of our favorite waterholes that might be translated into MMO features? I might come back to add more ideas later.

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