Monday, January 28, 2008

the future of podcasting

Brent posted show #100 of VirginWorlds. Congratulations, Brent!

During the show, he asked about the future of podcasting. I have a couple thoughts on that.

First, I agree with Craig that video podcasting will become more common, and some audiences will prefer that while others will prefer the audio podcasts. Audio podcasts allow the listener to browse the internet or do something else on his computer while listening. That's great for many, but some of us can't pay close attention to the podcast dialogue if we're doing other things. And, of course, video podcasts can offer elements which audio podcasts cannot.

Second, I bet changes in technology will be a major factor in the growth and nature of podcasting. This is only the beginning.

The explosion of wireless internet applications we're seeing now will continue over the next five or ten years. In the foreseeable future, though i'm not sure when, automobiles will regularly include advanced, built-in mp3 players and comprehensive web browsers with satellite internet connectivity. First, we'll see more people using USB drives and such to transfer files quickly and easily between their home computers and their cars. Next, we'll see people downloading shows like VirginWorlds directly to their vehicles. Those vehicle media interfaces will even have the equivalent of RSS feeds, automatically loading your favorite shows to your car's hard drive whenever a new episode is released.

Podcasts are already common and employed by mainstream media networks (and not just the big gaming networks). But in ten years... look out!

By the way, Brent and Darren... If you think podcasts are difficult to put together now, just wait until listening to them in cars becomes the norm and panning becomes more important with the 4+ speakers. =P


  1. Mixing to mono my friend. Mono FTW. :)

  2. For some reason, after listening to this podcast, specifcally the part about MMO video podcasts,the very first thing that popped into my mind was Wayne's World!

    Has the time finally come for a Darren's or Brent's World !? : )


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