Wednesday, January 09, 2008

strategy-only football

College football is finally over. I wish they would end the season on New Year's, like they used to do. Anyway, it's good to see an SEC team take the title once again. I was born in Louisiana, so LSU's probably my second favorite, after Bama (family tradition - a lot of my family's from the Mobile-Daphne area).

Over the past few days, I've wondered why I've never seen a strategy-only football game before. It might exist, but I've never heard of one. By strategy-only, I mean a video game in which you play as the coaching staff and have no direct control of the action.

Every football fan is an armchair quarterback. We love to criticize play-calls and suggest what should have been done. But not every football fan is an action gamer. Some didn't grow up with video games and don't have the training with console controls to play Madden '08. Others could play such action games, but prefer player-paced games. And still others are only interested in strategy.

So the absence of a football video game that is based entirely around coaching seems glaring to me. For the player to watch the action unfold in a realistic manner requires some deep AI, so perhaps we're only now ready for that sort of game. But, regardless of whether or not such a game could have been adequately presented in the past, EA or someone else needs to hop on this opportunity.

I know plenty of non-gamers who would quickly become gaming addicts if they could play Armchair Quarterback '09. =)


  1. There is of course Football Manager, although that is the non-US definition of football...

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  3. There is NFL Head Coach. (

    I bought this game last year and it promptly put me to sleep. Keep in mind this is from someone who is willing to spend hours mining ore in EVE Online. It's more an RPG than a real strategy game, but I still found myself simming (telling the computer to play the game without me watching) most of the games rather than actually playing them. If you are interested you should be able to pick up a copy for cheap.


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