Saturday, July 26, 2008

my Spore creations

Being the idiot that I am, it took me this long to realize that the reason my Spore creations were not showing up on the public Sporepedia is because you have to manually choose to share each creation by clicking on an icon in the game's Sporepedia page. I assumed they were supposed to upload automatically.

Anyway, they're available for viewing now. Just type "hallower" into the Sporepedia's search engine if that link doesn't work. Let me know which are your favorites. And tell me how I can find your creatures.

Also, you can find me now on the SporeVote site by going to the "More Spore" section. I'm not sure why EA wants to advertise my site alongside their Sporelebrity contest, but I'm grateful. It's always weird being asked to provide a bio for myself. The site's not finished, so they don't have a video of my creep up yet.

If you haven't voted for a Sporelebrity yet, you ought to. The winner will receieve money toward a charity of his or her choice. I like Santana's batuka, shown above.

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  1. Great creature. And congrats, you got included with some pretty impressive company on SporeVote.

    Will Wright. Curt Schilling. Margaret Cho (ok I don't know about the last one.)



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