Thursday, July 10, 2008

a trailer that tells all?

Wow. So LucasArts really decided that revealing the whole plot of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is what their launch trailer should do?

I mean, perhaps there are plenty of entertaining twists that haven't been shown yet, but it looks like they just gave us the main plotline. Suddenly, the story isn't a main incentive for me to buy the game. If I buy it now, it will be much more for the action (which was already pivotal to me, but the story used to be as well).

Was there any good sense behind this move? Why not just show us the montage of action moments with only half the story moments and all dialogue replaced by music? Why reveal more than the setting?

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  1. Just watched that through & it is pointing to a last act duel between Starkiller & Vader...

    As we know Vader continues on within Star Wars lore, it makes the outcome of Starkiller a little more acute in possibilities. Then again we may see a good twist?


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