Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the flipside

Sometimes a lot of fun can be found by flipping the usual scenario on its head.

I was playing Saints Row yesterday, in anticipation of the sequel. It's a great game, better than GTA IV in my opinion, and has me wondering now whether I want to pick up Saints Row 2 before Fallout 3.

Anyway, there's one activity in that game that illustrates my point beautifully. It's called Insurance Fraud. Whereas getting hit by a speeding car is usually one of the quickest ways to die in the game, Insurance Fraud rewards players for doing just that. During the activity, the player will take no damage from vehicles as long as the impact is intentional (if the player hits a trigger first to dive). The player tries to surprise drivers and time his dives so that his body will fly high and far upon impact. There are bonuses for being hit by certain vehicles, like sportscars, UPS-size trucks, and civil vehicles (cop cars and ambulances). There are also bonuses for being hit near witnesses or cops.

It's so much fun. What are some other examples of a usual scenario being flipped on its head?

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  1. Not sure about that game but Mercenaries 2 has me doing some crazy stuff including stealing motorcycles and using them to ram doors down by jumping off them at high speed and launching them forward. That game is pretty sweet


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