Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Netflix-360 better than expected?

Frankly, I'm surprised how many people have said over the past month or two that they love Netflix on the 360. In theory, it always looked like a sweet deal. But my PC experience with Netflix streaming left much to be desired in terms of movie and show selection.

It's possible Netflix made improvements to their selection in anticipation of the 360 deal. TGD says they have 30 Rock on there, and I don't recall any recent shows like that being available for streaming when I was a member.

Color me skeptical, but I'm going to give Netflix another try. How has it worked for you?

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  1. You are correct, they have updated their "watch instantly" selection. Before the 360 deal, it was a very bleak landscape with, I'd wager, fewer than 100 box office movies available.

    Very shortly before the 360 viewer came, netflix started listing shows and movies from the Stars movie channel and some big name TV series from (I think) CBS.

    The selection is still much more limited than the physical one. However, I have sworn off Blockbuster so Netflix is a welcome $9 addition to my monthly bills.


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