Thursday, January 29, 2009

preview XBL premium themes

Why doesn't Microsoft let you preview premium themes for you 360 dashboard, either on XBL or on the web? Idiocy, plain and simple.

There's simply no excuse, and the strangest part is that more people would buy premium themes if they could see what they were getting. Everyone expects to be able to preview, and Microsoft would make more money if they offered previews, yet they don't. So, like I said, idiocy.

Anyway, after 10-15 minutes of failed searching on Google and the Xbox Live Marketplace, I finally ran across a thread on the forums in which someone (not a Microsoft rep, of course) pointed out this site that lets you preview the premium themes. A huge thank you to whoever created the site.

I'm still using the free Christmas *cough* Holiday theme for now, but the premium themes I like the most are Tomb Raider: Underworld [1] and Halo Wars. The Forza 2 theme is awesome for racing fans.


  1. Yeah no previews blow. Thanks for the link to the NXEThemes site. It's down at the moment though, did you /. it? heh

  2. haha, figures. At least, they say it will be back up sometime.

  3. Maybe they will change that with the Fall 2OO9 update.


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