Monday, March 16, 2009

the game must go on

Last night, I played LOTR: Battle for Midde Earth 2 (RotWK expansion) with a cousin for the first time in months. Neither of us had played in all that time, and we knew we'd be rusty. We started a war... and, sure enough, we lost the first battle. But we were back in the swing of things by the third battle.

A benefit of the form, a non-linear series of challenges, that a player can fail and not feel discouraged. Had my cousin and I been forced to replay the exact same scenario until we beat it, returning to the game after such a long hiatus would not have been as fun.

In general, it's good for players to have options and variety even when they fail. Reward success by means other than level/story progression.

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  1. I think we just get so used to doing things that way we start to fall into the fallacious rut of "its the only way to do things" Thankfully, somebody has gotten out of that rut here and I'm glad to hear they did it well.


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