Monday, August 31, 2009

facial recognition

As I'm reading IGN's interview with Peter Molyneux, I think about pets. No, not because Fable 2 has a dog. Pets come to mind because they demonstrate how personal something can be without verbal communication.

All a dog needs from you to respond accordingly is your face. Project Natal currently includes accurate enough facial recognition to distinguish one player from another, but I doubt it can detect all the subtle signs of emotion in a human face.

If a game publisher can create a camera system with that kind of accuracy at an affordable price, the sympathetic connection between players and game characters will be able to strengthen exponentially.


  1. I'm not sure I want that... I'd get paranoid about whether I was enjoying a game because the game was good, or if the game appeared good because it was reading my facial/body language and giving me what I wanted to evoke the proper response. Am I controlling the game or is the game controlling me?

  2. haha, it could get freaky. I, for one, welcome our mechanical overlords.

    I just realized that a technology that could recognize facial expressions could probably also read lips. So the capacity for interaction is that much greater.


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