Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Netflix games

It seems likely to me that Netflix could efficiently rent out games via download on Xbox Live.

Whether or not they could stream games, ala OnLive, is debatable. But they could allow XBL users to temporarily download games as Microsoft does with movie rentals. Big downloads, for sure, but the Xbox 360 does allow things to be downloaded in the background or while the console is only partially powered up. And at least some games could be played once a portion of the game is downloaded, allowing gamers to play while downloading the rest, ala Microsoft's movie service.

I would pay an extra 10 bucks per month for that. Would you?


  1. The only problem I see with game downloads is how to limit them. Right now, services like Gamefly are limited by availability and that you can only have X titles out at a time. With a digital rental of games, you could, in theory, juggle games in order to play them all... unfortunately, any digital game rental is likely to be like the video rentals in that you pay per game and after the first load you have X days to play until the game "expires" and you have to rent it again.

  2. The limited time wouldn't be any worse than renting games from Blockbuster.

    As it is, nothing prevents Netflix subscribers from watching over a dozen movies and shows per month through their 360. For whatever reason, Netflix limits online rentals to only a portion of their full library. The same could be done with games.

    Really, the only big question I see is price.

    It would have major advantages over Gamefly and Blockbuster, as they are now. Users wouldn't have to worry about scratched discs. Also, the games for rent would always be available, never rented out.


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