Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Headbangers, rejoice!

If you're a headbanger and don't already know about Brütal Legend: Roadshow of Destruction, check it out!

I just got finished reading that Game Informer article and I'm not sure I've ever been this excited about a video game before. Obviously the combination of my two greatest loves, gaming and rock 'n' roll, is to blame. And the fact that some great rockstars are getting involved takes it to a whole new level.

A summary wouldn't do that article justice. If you don't get the Game Informer magazine, go to a bookstore and buy this month's copy (or read the article there).

This is like my moshpit/ rock adventure idea x 10. I would love to help build or augment this game, but I'd settle for a few hours of metallic mayhem!

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