Friday, October 05, 2007

Screenshots on the wall

Ha! And you thought I was going to miss a day here. =P I finally thought of something to write about.

I was browsing the .pdf manual for my recent purchase of the Rise of the Witch King expansion for my Battle for Middle Earth: 2. I go to the options and it says something about ordering a print. I'm sure it only meant a print of the manual, but my first thought was that EA was offering to turn one or more of my game screenshots into a print.

Ok, so if I doubted before that I'm a geek, I don't any more... the idea of turning a game screenshot into a poster sounds pretty slick to me! For this game in particular, but I can just imagine having one or two screenshots from every great game I've played stretched out across my wall.

My wookiee ranger from Star Wars: Galaxies with his spectral snake pet. My skull-faced, spike-adorned blaster from City of Heroes tossing a fireball toward the camera. My goblin horde overwhelming the enemy with some help from the dragon Drogoth in BfME:2.

The problem, of course, is that blowing up a picture is hard to do and maintain clarity, especially in spottily pixelated game screenshots. But I bet a screenshot taken in 1600X1200 on a high graphics setting could turn out great, if only with a little tweaking.

Honestly, I'm a little surprised I haven't heard of a business yet that does just that... tweaks and blows up screenshots for gamers. If any of you decide to take it up, I might order some prints from you. =)

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