Monday, May 04, 2009

rocker giveaway

In tribute to Brütal Legend, a biographical account of my youth, I'm offering this Audio V Rocker free to whoever introduces me to the best under-appreciated rock band. It's a futon chair with speakers near the head rest. If it's too loud, you're too old.

The chair is being provided by Mounts and More, a CSN store that specializes in TV mounts, projection screens, audio and video cables, and other electronics accessories. Since different people need different size mounts and screens, CSN generously offered this audio chair from another of their stores.

Due to shipping restraints, you must be in the United States or Canada to enter this giveaway.

This is how the giveaway works. Introduce me to a rock band, of any style and any era, that never received the popularity it deserved. It doesn't have to be completely obscure... just a band that many people haven't heard of, but one you're sure has earned its axe in Valhalla. For example, I'm a big fan of Corrosion of Conformity (COC). Another band I like that would qualify is Badlands.

Whatever band you choose, you must provide a link to the band's music so I can hear them. I listen to just about every style of rock. I like both heavy and light stuff. But, to guide you, my favorite music is stuff from the late 80s and early 90s: Metallica's black album, Pantera, Alice in Chains, Guns 'n' Roses' Appetite for Destruction, Anthrax's Sound of White Noise, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, The Scorpions, Skid Row, etc. It can be dirt simple too, like Gruntruck or Helmet. It can be as laid back and light as Steve Miller Band or as rough and heavy as Down and Children of Bodom. I do prefer stuff with some melody, though.

I'll pick the winner next Monday, May 11. You must be willing to email me your address, so I can pass that info along to Mounts and More and they can ship you your rocker for free. I'm looking forward to hearing what y'all come up with!

You can email me at, but post your recommendation as a comment here as well so everyone can hear the bands.

Rock on!


  1. Anvil, hands down. They should also be a shoe-in for a band that gets referenced in Brutal Legend.

  2. Hmm... Im not sure what you know, so Ill throw out a couple bands. Keep going down until there's one you don't know. You can check them all out, but the first you find will be my entry.

    Mercyful Fate

  3. One band that I really like is Circle 2 Circle The lead singer is Zak Stevens formerly of Savatage, remember him? You can click on the website under sounds or go right to you tube here and check out Evermore. Shhh, don't tell, but the guy doing the awesome guitar solo in that video? He's my brother Andy Lee...

  4. @ mykalwane at yahoo dot com

    Not sure what counts as not getting there just deserts. I just going to go with ones that the people I know have no clue who they are. Forgive me if I am wrong with this, but I am one part wasn't alive when most were big. So I may be wrong because of that.

    Dokken and the Break the Chains as an example of there style is the one I really enjoyed. Got into them because of there cover of "One" kicked ass as well as being a song I enjoyed.

    Chingon is one I don't think many know of since it is a mexican band. There song Fideo del Oeste was featured in Kill Bill which most might of pass on simply because they are a mexican band. The kick ass, though most of what can be said isn't easy to understand. The link is to one that did get featured in Kill Bill.

    Cheap Trick which have some songs that are trippy as hell like Dream Police rocking out kicking ass to sappy ballads like She's Tight I think they are a band that would be underrated simply because they could kick ass when they need to as well as swoon the ladies with a ballad. Which may be the main reason they are under appericated. Thought as sold out, simply because they were versatile.

    Oingo Boingo one that did get some commersial success since it was the band that Danny Elfman a composer that does big name stuff. Nightmare before Christmas is one that he is most known for, though he does more as a composer. Gratitude and Private Life which are good on there own, though have the techno blend of rocks. Though Private Life is one of my favorites from them.

    Living Color is another most haven't heard of. They have been featured in Guitar Hero with Cult of Personality though Wall is much better in my opion.

    Kamelot is one I found by accident that I really have enjoyed because of Wings of Despair which may be unknown by alot simply because they may be reactivity new. They have a nice mix of metal and violins in Ghost Opera

    Sorry if they aren't your cup of tea. Just trying my best since I don't know that many. Sorry just a bigger fan of instrumentals and those that are, aren't bands just composers.

  5. Wait a moment, scratch my last comment (though check the bands out, anyways). I'll lay this one down on you that I almost completely forgot:

    Hammers Of Misfortune

    Check out their album, The August Engine, now. That's my official entry now.

  6. Clutch



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