Friday, May 22, 2009

what you know

I'm going to try something different today. Instead of droning on and on with my thoughts, I'm just going to pose a quick question. Then y'all can respond to it and I'll respond to your thoughts. So...

A common bit of advice for writers is to "write about what you know". Surely, this advice has some relevance for game designers. How so?

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  1. Oh, absolutely... if you are not good at social interaction, be it face-to-face or using online mediums, you shouldn't try to design social games. The same follows, I think, for game styles. If you love raiding and hard core grinding, then you may not do so well trying to design a casual game. If you this fantasy is a crappy genre, you shouldn't be designing lore in a fantasy game.

    As with the "write what you know" advice, this falls apart when people work in teams, because teams allow people to focus on their own strengths which hopefully line up with other member's weaknesses.


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