Monday, August 27, 2007

Song switch on music site

As a result of steady reminders, I've finally switched out the songs on my music site (the link for which I've had at the bottom of this site's sidebar for a while now).

I left the fantasy-themed "A Season for War", the one I blogged about not long ago. The others are two old songs and one more recent one, all just recorded live today. Really, I should re-record with separate tracks (the vocals to "Dementor" are kind of hard to hear), but it's a miracle when anything gets recorded at all, haha.

As I wrote in the site's profile, there's a good chance I'll be moving in with my cousin Danny soon (provided I don't get a game job in Austin), in which case my vocals and recordings will be much better. I've never been comfortable singing very freely (loud) in this little apartment, but that will change if I'm in a house with my cousin, who is probably an even more avid rocker than I am. Living around family again will pick up my energy level, too, which has always been a factor in the rarity of recordings.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy one or two songs.

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  1. Sadly your myspace player only gives me errors. :( Good luck with possible job!

    Anyway, tagged you for a meme; feel free to participate or ignore as you please. ;)


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