Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Warsong for Warcraft

If you're not already aware, I'm a songwriter/composer, among other things.

Folks who know me personally associate me with music more than any other talent. But I'm also an introvert who dislikes a lot of attention, so my literally hundreds of songs usually just get stashed into a list of recorded memories as I move on to composing new ones. I'm also clumsy (supposedly a trait of my autism), so my performances are inconsistent in quality; sometimes, my fingers just don't want to move and my voice doesn't want to work. As a result, I'll probably start selling some of my songs at some point, but that hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, it occurred to me that one of my songs could act as a fitting tribute to the upcoming Warcraft movie.

I compose in many different styles (usually some sort of rock), and my lyrics cover many different subjects. I have a handful of fantasy-themed songs. I have one from the perspective of a haunting ghost, one from the perspective of a vampire, one about an undead mercenary... and one that just happens to fit the basic theme and mood of the Warcraft lore. It's called "A Season for War".

Now, let me preface this by saying that I do very little according to common conventions, and my music is no different. When I say "fantasy-themed songs", many people probably think of bands like Blind Guardian; bands that sing in an operatic or chant style, that use Medieval instruments or note progressions. In short, most fantasy-themed songs are by bands acting like they're part of a fantasy setting themselves.

Think of my fantasy songs as being more in line with Led Zepplin's fantasy songs (like "The Battle for Evermore" or "Misty Mountain Hop", which are based on LOTR). They're variants of my usual rock style. No gimmicks with my voice. No wild sounds running through a synthesizer. Just straight-up rock 'n' roll, but with lyrics that paint an impossible picture.

Anyway, I'd probably try to pitch this song to the Warcraft film's producers for a place in the film's soundtrack, but they should probably stick with a symphony orchestra for that sort of film.

My cheap, home-made recording can be found here. It's recorded on my acoustic, because that's all I have with me at the moment, and the singing could be better; but oh well. I'll probably re-record it in a month or two, when I'm not living in an apartment and can get loud comfortably.

I've included the lyrics below. Whether you think it rocks or you think it's crap, I'd appreciate feedback either way.

A Season for War

can you see? can you hear?
this is a season for war
everything lying still
wondering what the silence is for
a calm rises
where's that wind the precedes the storm?

feel it rise, feel it fall
breathing like hungry dog
will it strike in the night?
or tear the mighty down in a fog?
i'm dreaming
the howling of a ghostly throng

run if you want to
the wardrums will find you
still reeling from the last season of war

it was told in the tales
of the elders now we scorn
it would come once again
to break the fragile peace that was born
from their loss
life out of the ash of war

first the drums from the hills
then the glare of fiery skies
pushing on like a rage
callous to the fearful and dying
what flies now
over the heads of this wraithen horde?

smoke on the horizon
light shine on the writhing
still reeling from the last season of war


not a spear, not a sword
isn't taken up in hand
we will fight, we will hold!
as the very stones of this land
O Fortune! lead me to the tallest horns

we march through the Never
speak these names forever
keep screaming to the last season of war


  1. It must be especially hard to work through this.
    Best wishes

  2. I like it. Post more tunes.

  3. I got a "loading error" on the player. :( Any chance you could email me the mp3 or link directly to it somewhere? I'd love to hear it.


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