Saturday, August 04, 2007


It's sad how, no matter how many times I see release dates pushed back and no matter how often I say the dates advertised are utterly meaningless, there are always a few that I make the mistake of believing anyway.

The Two Worlds release date has been pushed back again, to August 21st.

I actually believed Grand Theft Auto 4's, too. Now, I'm thinking that one was just like Alan Wake last year: the first date was only offered to help Microsoft advertise the 360.

These dates aren't mistakes. They're lies. The developers and publishers know how difficult it is to predict the release date more than a month or two in advance, yet they advertise baseless dates anyway. It's not just bad marketing. It's selfish and immoral.

One thing I really despise is when people pretend business is somehow separate from the rest of life when it comes to morality (ethics, if you prefer). If you intentionally mislead someone at home or you intentionally mislead someone for business, it's a wicked act either way. Grow up. Treat your customers with the respect of neighbors and friends.

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