Monday, June 29, 2009

musical variety

If you watch many films, you'll be exposed to a broad range of music. Films vary tremendously in musical accompaniment, including within any single film genre.

Sometimes it's the oddest combinations of visuals and music that have the most thrilling effect. Producers of the original Star Wars rejected generations of sci-fi tradition by choosing the classical, symphonic style of composer John Williams to accompany the story. Now, who could imagine the Star Wars saga without it?

Likewise, I believe one of the features which set Diablo 2 apart from the crowd was Matt Uelmen's free-flowing classical score. And who can even categorize Koji Kondo's brilliant Mario Bros theme?

There have been many great musical scores for games. But how much variety have we seen? Any type of music you can imagine has been used in films, but I can think of many types of music I've never heard in games. Why?

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