Thursday, June 04, 2009

Sony at E3 '09

Sony had a great conference. I didn't think anyone would match Microsoft's, but Sony's was just as jaw-dropping.

Sony introduced an upgraded version of the PSP. From my perspective, that doesn't sound like a big announcement, but I don't own a PSP and don't know what PSP owners have been wanting.

MAG was demonstrated with the full 256 players in one huge multiplayer match. Unfortunately, the demo didn't show a battle with nearly that many players engaged in direct combat. Instead, you see how players are grouped into squads, which act independently to secure different objectives. In this stage of the battle, gameplay did not look much different from Frontlines: Fuels of War. It was not said how many different battle scenarios are offered in MAG.

The Metal Gear Solid franchise will continue on the PS3. Microsoft has a MGS game in the works as well, but apparently the two consoles will have different games. It was also announced that a new Final Fantasy will be exclusive to the PS3.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves
looks awesome. The visuals are top-notch, the dialog is very natural and entertaining, and the combat seems thrilling. The PS3 will definitely have its share of exclusive blockbusters this year.

Mod Nation Racers looks great. It follows the spirit of Little Big Planet by allowing players to customize their character and vehicles, and enabling players to create their own tracks and share.

Of course, the game everyone wanted to see was God of War III. There's plenty of demo footage for those interested. The visuals are amazing. I'm not a fan of quick-time events, but this game's certainly a joy to watch.

There were other good games shown, but those are some of the best exclusives.

Like with Microsoft's conference, the pivotal moment in Sony's conference was the demonstration of motion control. Sony's method uses controllers, though the ones used in this demo are just a prototype. I was very impressed by the speed and accuracy. But what blew me away was seeing a fantasy combat application.

To say I'm ecstatic watching that would be an understatement. If Sony ever publishes an RPG with combat like that, I'll go into debt to buy a PS3. Quite simply, that demonstration embodies every boy's fantasy: full body, dynamic and creative war games.

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