Tuesday, June 23, 2009

stupid computers!

I joked to a friend that computers, cars, and women are alike because they're all sure to break down and require maintenance from time to time. ;)

In this case, that's an understatement. My video card is dead. May it burn in h... i mean, may it rest in peace.

Since my hard drive has occasionally clicked for over a year, threatening to go on strike (I have, of course, seen my share of blue screens of death), and because my computer is at least six years old, I figure it's probably time to just poney up for a whole new computer. One of the reasons I've been avoiding buying PC games in the past year or two is my PC's age.

Anyway, I'm just letting y'all know that my posts might be sporadic for the next week or two. But I'll post when I can.


  1. Welcome to my hell. Had a graphics card die on me this month and it sucks.

  2. R.I.P. I'm sure PC served you faithfully and honorably for those 6 years.


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