Monday, August 25, 2008


The guys at EA making Dead Space have come up with a pretty interesting marketing ploy. Basically, it's web-based 3D detective mini-game in which you can explore one room of the spaceship Ishimura to learn some Dead Space backstory and enjoy a miniature drama involving two of the ship's employees (a security worker and you, the geeky organ replacement surgeon who is infatuated with her).

It's also a contest to win a free copy of Dead Space, but what really makes it interesting to me is how relevant it is to the retail game. Like Bioshock, Dead Space relies heavily on atmosphere, and this mini-game provides a small taste of that. Be sure to have the audio on, because that's what really makes this worthwhile. If you spend more than just a minute in the mini-game, you'll be surprised by what you hear.

This isn't your average marketing scheme. It includes a surprising amount of voice-acting (well done, too). And elements like the computer's AI personality draw you into the sci-fi setting. EA's planning on adding something new to this every Monday until the game releases.

It's a cool and original idea. I hope other developers come up with marketing like this.

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