Tuesday, August 26, 2008

tactical skills

Having more than one use for a skill can make that skill so much more enjoyable.

Case in point: My WAR sorcerer had an area-of-effect root spell. It doesn't always root every enemy around me to their position, but it has a good chance to. Anyway, I found three uses for that one skill just within an hour of RvR.
  • stop an injured enemy from retreating to safety
  • save an ally from pursuing enemies
  • delay a group of enemies just long enough for my allies to regroup or reach a more defensible position
That tactical element quickly made the root spell one of my favorite sorcerer skills.


  1. Heh, very nice.

    Thanks for reminding me that there's more to magic than pure damage per cast. Like combat skills for melee characters, magic mix and use is like an art, don't you think?

    There are other games where tactical use of magic is very important, like the tower maps (mainly Element TD) in Warcraft III and the cold effects of magic in D2 stopping ressurection. It's the cheaper alternative to 'Slain monsters rest in peace' IMHO.

    I take it that you're more of the support kind? My bro is like that by the way, I'm usually his tanker.

  2. I like to play brutes... inflict devastating damage in exchange for greater vulnerability. Whether or not that's a support role depends on the situation. More damage means I can take out enemies quicker, thereby reducing the amount of incoming damage. It just depends on the enemy how that turns out.

    I've always preferred unbalanced characters.

  3. My Chosen had an attack that slowed people which was great, especially when a wounded enemy decided to run, like a Bright Wizard which can really turn on the speed when in trouble unlike a heavy armored tank.


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