Thursday, August 28, 2008

Encyclopedia of Life

If I was a game designer, I'd bookmark the Encyclopedia of Life project. Encyclopedia of Life is an ambitious taxonomy project, hoping to catalogue every species on Earth into a single index. The variety of life in our world is truly endless, and this is a great way to get ideas for creature design... not just visual design, but behaviors and abilities.

I've mentioned Blogger Play and TerraGalleria before. Studying reality is a great way to find inspiration for all aspects of game design.

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  1. Not just visual design, behaviors and abilities, but game design as well! You can take any creature's lifestyle as a map of a game structure defining goals, rewards, affordances, constraints, etc.

    For example, look at the Wikipedia page on aphids. Who knew that such tiny things had such interesting lives? I read it and was immediately inspired to make an aphid sim. :p

    Thanks for the links!


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