Wednesday, August 20, 2008

WAR is everywhere

This new cinematic trailer for WAR is quite simply the coolest video I have ever seen! Wow.

Why the hell don't people make feature films like this?! I mean it. Sure, it's an insane amount of work, but it'd be insanely popular with scenes like this and a solid story.

Of course, no Marauder would ever go down so easily. ;) Yes, I'm in beta, and my main is a ruthless Marauder:

Oh, and by the way.. that huge Chaos monster at the end? I saw that in-game last night!

After completing a quest in the troll mountains, reclaiming a mighty scepter and unleashing its power on an altar, Tchar'zanek himself stepped from the giant portal behind me and spoke to me! He basically congratulated me and said I was worthy servant of Chaos.

Again, wow. I stayed up waaaay too late last night (and have been paying for it, believe me), but that was the perfect ending to a long adventure.

If WAR has anything at all going for it, it's a kickass setting and quests that feel alive. Great job, Mythic.


  1. What Tier are you currently beta testing Aaron?

    EU is currently using the level 31 template(Tier 4) & so I have no reference to any class at low level, shame really.

  2. Nice post! thanks for dropping by my blog as well.


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