Saturday, August 09, 2008

stuff I listen to (and write/play)

Tipa seems to have started it. Then Kanthalos picked it up. Now it's my turn to share some tunes I like, mostly from bands that never made it that big.

"Outlaw" by The Scream (audio only):

I wish they had a video for other songs on that album, like "Tell Me Why" or "I Don't Care". The singer, John Corabi, went on to make a kickass album with Motley Crue in their short period without Vince Neill. Here's another song from that album. Some say it's the best album Motley Crue ever made.

"High Wire" live by Badlands (takes a moment for the video to kick in):

Badlands' self-titled album and Voodoo Highway have some of the best rock guitar ever, and the whole band's good. Jake E. Lee also played for Ozzy on songs like "Shot In the Dark".

"Losin' Your Mind" by Pride & Glory (the video shortens the song):

Nobody's had more influence on my guitar style and songwriting than Zakk Wylde. Ozzy's got a knack for finding incredible guitarists. No More Tears, Ozzmosis, Pride & Glory, Zakk's Book of Shadows, and the first few Black Label Society albums are all amazing.

It was a shock when I found out that Zakk was good friends with my other favorite guitarist, Dime Darrell of Pantera. If you've never heard "Hollow", you're really missing out:

I've got a Dime tribute song that I'll have to give a proper recording sometime. When he died, myself and many others were surprised to find ourselves tearing up over this guy we had never met. A phenomenal musician.

"Crazy Love" by Gruntruck:

To be honest, I've never been able to explain why I love Gruntruck's Push album as much as I do, but I listen to it more often than almost any other album. Simple, but awesome. I recommend it to any fan of grunge. YouTube also has the video for "Tribe", from that same album.

And finally, you can find a video of "Heaven and Hell" by Circus of Power here (there's no embed code). I wish there was a video for "Swamp Devil". I stumbled onto this other Artimus Pyledriver song by the same name while looking for it. Pretty cool.

Needless to say, I love to hear rock, metal, and grunge with a Southern flavor. That's pretty much sums up my own style.

You can find my music here. It's permanently linked on the sidebar. Unfortunately, I rarely take the time to record things well, and I'm usually too shy to belt out the vocals to do them well, but the site at least gives people a taste of what I do. My greatest gift with music is adaptability -- I can write in any style -- but whether or not there's much variety on my site depends on when you check it. I'll have a song on the next Quickstar acoustic compilation album, like this, due out sometime in the coming weeks. The song's called "Lazy Days".

Oh yeah, on one of the songs up on my site, a ballad called "Her Story", you can hear the vocals of someone you know.

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